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History of Thai government lottery

The History of Thai government lottery
"Lottery" is how one gamble that people interested in Thai society and popular consumption. Almost all levels. Especially poor people. It can not be denied that the lottery

is all that is paired with Thai long eras lottery so many years in various development until become "Lottery" today.

But before the lottery is a lottery will be developed. Lottery or known to us today. Back to study history, play the lottery in Thailand, said that the story interesting. Thai

people know how to start playing the lottery since the reign of King Rama Nangklao behind in the third the word "lottery or raffle or lottery " has occurred by the Chinese

residents. Thailand is bidding for the concession by the Local hospital lottery and receive A government monopoly lottery concession will be Khunbre Bandasak Rat Buri

withdraw or anyone called "Khunbre" Director of the lottery every morning for dinner. And a favorite of people played it very popular in those days.

Later issuing Lottery started up in Thailand during the King. Reign of King Rama V to 5, with a western British "Teacher R ? Bass Peter" leadership style comes from a

European lottery prize. Be the first release called "lotteries" His Majesty King Rama V reign of His Majesty the King graciously pleased royal permission to guard the

regimental lottery for the first time in Thailand in year 2417 as the royal. His anniversary ceremony. It aims to help foreign merchants with their products at the show.

Organized museum buildings Kong Arcadia. The Grand Palace.

The reign of King Rama Rama 6 , HE graciously. Local lottery to quit successfully announced on April 1, 2459, however people still secretly play lottery together

until now. Number of awards through the end of the Lottery to pay awards for playing illegal lottery recant after the year 2460 and the last address During World

War 1 UK, a country allied wish to borrow money from Thailand for use in war But can not borrow directly from the Thai government. Because it would affect the

budget. Council of British patriotism. Policies are borrowing from the public by issuing lotteries. Will be received by Royal permission from His Majesty King Rama.

In the year 2466 and the royal royal permission to leave. "Scout million lottery" for income maintenance Division. Scout volunteers. This type of a million, sales No. 1 baht

which way the lot in those days, only the number of the prize packed box solid and add to jar the sort of figure of ten hundred thousand thousand hundred before the

awards director. will draw to note that this is how the prize. Then the members pick out cartridge packaging lines before the Board and people open until All the awards

shall be completed for the Award Winning such

After the change of government in the year 2476 his family during the reign of King Rama 7 government policy to reduce the money grab of Rush (the billing information

prior to the Thai male military service). the lack of state income. It was the intention. Be issued by the government called lotteries. "Lottery Royal Family" by printing a

million passports issued per copy of a U.S. four year period and later in the year 2477 of the Minister has approved the Ministry of Interior issued. "Lottery maintenance

area" by determining if any month is a month out Lottery. That month to suspend sales of lottery area. The sale period starts the first in November 2478 and the BC

Lottery in April 2479 by type of issue No. 1 baht per 500,000 and are the Lottery and lottery Maintenance Municipal always.

Until the year 2482 is the next generation of Lottery started seriously The Cabinet has approved the transfer of the business and Winning Lottery municipal maintenance.

Ministry of Finance and the appointment of the Lottery Commission by the Royal Pharmaceutical ??? Sri Prom dance As Chairman on April 5, 2482 It is a day to the

present establishment of the Government Lottery Office. And the Lottery has developed is that person until the year 2517 has been issued to the Government Lottery

Office Act. The Government Lottery Office shall be a juristic person. And enterprises under the Ministry of Finance.


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Nice thread with all information of Thailand history.

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